Some refer to it as a cultural Chernobyl -

I personally view is as a cultural Stalingrad


“the movement, still radical and revolutionary though, is cultural, inspired by every kind of revolution that had happened or might have happened – feeding off the ink spilled by the generations preceding – adopting every language it could understand – we found ourselves occupying street corners and sidewalks – marching into bars and coffee shops – ranting and lurking and drinking and exploding on paper and screaming out loud poetry and music and paint and whatever media we could do – we found ourselves, in the present, staring at our reflection in the mirror, desperately trying to understand who we are, seeking salvation or self-fulfillment or call it whatever – we find ourselves reconsidering our identity; relationship with our culture, our country, and ourselves in the first place…” (el Yafta)


Mohamad J Hodeib (Walad) is a Lebanese writer, spoken word performer, musician, and Art activist.An active contributor to the Lebanese counter-stream movement, read more…


el Walad’s first book entitled “The Streets”.
Away from the classical forms of Arabic literature, the book is a literary experiment; slang poetry and free-verse written Lebanese slang